“Piano Aphorisms” (Official Video) ©2022
Film: SYMPHONIE DIAGONALE — originally released in 1924 by Viking Eggeling (public domain)


“Piano Aphorisms” (Album Teaser) ©2022


“Atopo” (From the Album “Onomatopoetika”) ©2020



“Ono” (From the Album “Onomatopoetika”) ©2020



“Topo” (From the Album “Onomatopoetika”) ©2019



“Euphoria, Lobster & Champagne” (From the Album “My First Piano”) ©2018



“My First Piano” (From the Album “My First Piano”) ©2018



“Olmo Rosenthal” (From the Album “My First Piano”) ©2018



My First Piano – Interview & Album Trailer ©2018



“How I Think Of You” (From the Album “I Love You”) ©2015



Interview & Acoustic Snippets (“I Love You”-EPK) ©2015



“Kill Your Babies” (Official Video) ©Klaus Lemke 2012



“Kill Your Babies” (Album Trailer) ©Klaus Lemke 2012



„Andere Leute“ ©Klaus Lemke 2009